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Mood Guesser

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Estimate the emotional state of everyone in a photo!

Detect if a person is happy or sad, flabbergasted or delighted, terrified or shocked!
Enjoy our mood guesser?

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Method partially based on the excellent work described in:

[1] Cheong, Jin Hyun, et al. "Py-feat: Python facial expression analysis toolbox." arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.03509 (2021).
[2] Namba, Shushi, Wataru Sato, and Sakiko Yoshikawa. "Viewpoint Robustness of Automated Facial Action Unit Detection Systems." Applied Sciences 11.23 (2021): 11171.
[3] Carranza, Karmelo Antonio Lazaro R., et al. "Expression tracking with OpenCV deep learning for a development of emotionally aware chatbots." 2019 7th international conference on robot intelligence technology and applications (RiTA). IEEE, 2019.
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