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[January 23rd, 2023]

We have recovered from a recent hardware failure, thank you for your patience!

[November 20th, 2022]

AUDIOchum officially launches today!

If you like IMAGEamigo for images checkout our sister site>><<for audio!

[November 11th, 2022]

Due to hardware failure we were down for unscheduled maintenance for most of the day today.

We have completed preventative maintenance to hopefully avoid this issue again!

[November 3rd, 2022]

We have had some complaints about the content filter incorrectly flagging some images as explicit.

If you had this happen to you, please ignore the message. We will be rolling out a more accurate content filter in a few weeks!

[October 27th, 2022]

We have completed a hardware upgrade that should improve performance after our recent surge in traffic!

[October 16th, 2022]

We are experiencing a massive increase in web traffic of almost 30x our normal daily usage.

During this time you may experience processing slowdowns and/or connection difficulties.

We are now working to resolve this and apologize for any inconvenience!

For questions/comments/suggestions please feel free to contact us

[email protected]
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