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Vehicle Identifier

vehicleid before vehicleid after

Spot a car you like but not sure what it is?

Detect the make and model of a vehicle from a single photo!
Results not great? Was the photo taken at night or in poor lighting conditions?

Try our Magic Photo Brightener first to intelligently turn night into day!
Method partially based on the excellent work described in:

[1] Sheng, Minglan, et al. "Vehicle detection and classification using convolutional neural networks." 2018 IEEE 7th Data Driven Control and Learning Systems Conference (DDCLS). IEEE, 2018.
[2] King Joe, Vehicle Make Model Classifier, (2021), GitHub Repository,
[3] Joya, Chen, and Shunxi Li. "ZLCC: Vehicle Detection and Fine-Grained Classification Based on Deep Network Responses and Hierarchical Learning." ITITS. 2017.
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